Our sales program consists of over 40,000 fasteners of different standards, materials and galvanic treatments. Most of the products from our offer are compliant with DIN and ISO standards:


Metric screws Nuts Washers Rivets
Self-tapping screws Self-drilling screws Wood screws
Sheet metal screws Screws for plastic Screws according to plan Threaded rods
Pins Retaining rings Split pins Grease guns
Wire thread inserts Other

In case you need a screw, nut, washer or any other screw component, manufactured according to your plans, we can also provide those.

Besides supplying standard and non-standard parts, we also provide services of individual packaging and labelling. We pack products in special packages on your request and label them accordingly. Labels are completely adapted to your demands and can contain a barcode, your logo or other description on your request.

Find out more about our surface protection solutions under the Materials and treatment tab.